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Transnomadica is a series of initiatives utilizing excess, obsolete and leftover goods.
Of all kinds.

Anchored by a panoramic perspective on utilitarian design and genuine artisanship from around the globe, our product curation draws from the best in 80s & 90s fashion, denim and military apparel.

Driven by the principles of circularity, our practice is based on purposeful experimentation, viable redesign and upcycling.  We identify these opportunities through design solutions with designers, brands, retailers, manufacturers and also private clients.

Maurizio Donadi | Founder

"My vision is to drive positive change in all areas where creativity and strategy reside: ideation, design, vintage & archival curation, retail experience and branding."

Maurizio's brand, product concept design and commercial experiences at Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Levi’s Strauss & Co. enable him to creatively weave his personal affinity for all things well-lived with his desire to reconcile the excess he has witnessed in his 40 years career in the fashion industry.

Contact us to shop, research and collaborate: hq@transnomadica.com